Thursday, September 01, 2011

Long Weekend Full of Love 

Super elated because its the first time to get to see my dearest BF for four days straight since he was enlisted in June. hehehe.
although we didn't do things or go to places that are special,
i still feel blissful being able to see his smile, hold his hands, stay in his arms 
and most importantly, to spend time with him.

went over his house to accompany him for most of the days.
slacked and watched drama/ listened to music while he pack his stuff for army.
My boy craved for lots of good food.
Thus, we made a trip to Astons and Pizza Hut for dinner on some of the days out of the four days.
BF wanted to get mooncakes for my parents.
so we headed to Bugis to "hunt" for mummy's favourite yam mooncakes too 
didn't manage to get the mooncakes at Bugis Junction though.
since we were already there, we went to shop around. 
and after much request, my dearest boy finally agreed to take neoprint with me! 

our very first neoprint together ! :D

actually kinda fail as i forget how to operate the machine.
and we ended up having similar poses for every shots too. >.<
despite this, i still love the neoprint very much!
Its my desktop wallpaper now. hehes
Thank you for giving in to me although you dislike to take pics .
Love you ♥♥♥
PS : I wanna take more next time ! *hint hint*

Some pics taken during our dinner at Pizza Hut :

Somehow dardar's skin colour really resembles the " 黑人牙膏" 
okay, evil me ~ hahaha

I look super pale here due to the sunlight.

Mushroom soup

Honey roasted wings

spot dardar's favourite curry zazzle baked rice !

my Hawaiian pizza

our usual stupid action : placing the bones back to its original position . LOL.

Time really files, dardar needs to book in on Tues (30 August 2011 ) already.
so fast can T.T
really cant bear the long weekend to be over.

 dearest love will be having his out field training for 5 days 4 nights starting from today.
which means i will not be able to receive any texts and calls from him.
:( :( :(
to my dearest boy, do press on and endure through the 5 tedious days ya?
will be giving you my support throughout.
i'm sure you can overcome and pull through everything!
 All the best for your field camp ♥

Shall end the post with my gift for him on our 2.5 years anniversary :)

-Missing you  like crazy~-

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