Friday, August 19, 2011

End of Poly Life

*blows dust away*
Hello blogger/peeps!

Handmade candies for my IPP friends and colleagues :)
Oreo cheesecake, coffee and peanut butter flavour !
i know they don't look appealing~
but it's actually quite yummy ok ! XD

packaging for the candies

hehe! so cute right? love the smiley a lot :D

Did a simple photo frame for Vivian :)


will definitely miss our lunch ,dinner and gossiping sessions!

Heart shape cookie from Vivian :D

Favourite dessert during IPP days :
Ah boling peanut soup 

Woots!! Today is the end of my internship at IBM .
Finally completed the last lap of my poly life.
 Really glad that i managed to endure through everything,
conquering all the negative thoughts (such as giving up n quitting school) of mine.
been looking forward to this day for a long time already!
 However, i'm feeling kinda loss on the next step to take.

wanted to rant on the mix feelings i'm experiencing,
but words cant seem to express what/how i really feel.
filled with emptiness~
please let me go through this strongly.

deep down, i really envy those who are already moving on with their university life :'(

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