Monday, August 22, 2011

 Durian Mooncakes

Went over to Simin's house to make durian mooncakes today ! 

A brief on the process :

1) Remove seeds from durians and place them into a bowl

2) Stir and cook the fresh durian into a paste-like form 
(ensure that it is well mixed)

3) Grind vanilla sponge cake into fine crumbs 

4) Add and mix cake crumbs with durian paste

5) Prepare mixture to achieve "Snowskin" for the mooncakes

6) Manage right portion of Snowskin and durian paste to get the end product !

Our boxes of handmade mooncakes :D

Okay, the above descriptions are somehow the shortcut version as i'm too lazy to elaborate on the full details. =X
Had lots of fun with Hanyun , HY's sis and Simin while making the mooncakes.
(Thank you Simin for guiding us)
intending to give the durian mooncakes to Bf's parents.
i hope they taste fine/nice! hehes.

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