Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wed , 24 August 2011

Met up with BSC peeps ! 
had K session at Teo Heng and dinner at Katong Complex food court.
its been a long time since i last hit KTV.
i really love K sessions alot.

Anyone please Jio me out to go sing again ya ?!?!

With Vivian

Pei chuan , Zeena and me

simple and sweet day.
although we only went through 6 weeks of attachment together,
it seems like we knew each other for many many years!
Love them :)

Thurs , 25 August 2011

Accompanied Delia to straighten her hair today.
Had dim sum for lunch at Sunshine Plaza and headed off to orchard next as her appointment is at Fareast.
 happy to have my cravings satisfied.
but the service level of the dim sum shop is really cui !
super impatient aunties/workers~
kinda turn off by them.
seriously ruin our mood!

Pretty Delia with her newly done hair :)

Us  <3

had a great day with her !

Fri , 26 August 2011

Outing with Shu qi aka Lao gong !

PS Cafe Cartel for lunch !

ordered the set lunch which includes : a drink, soup, main course and dessert.


Main course.
the menu states grilled fish but end up, fried fish was served instead >.<
should have ordered the pasta if we know this is the case! 

Went to shop around Daiso after lunch. bought a pouch for my make ups and a cute pink basket to manage my stuffs! hehe.
Shu qi wanted to get tickets for her movie outing at night. Thus, we went off to the Cathay.
there is a flea market and we both bought a bag ! $.$
too nice to resist already~
slacked for a short while after she purchased her tickets.

lao gong :)

This chair is really nice as the background! love the colour ~

My face damn round here!
lao gong head so small ~


after having sufficient rest, we walked over to Bugis and continued our shopping.
trianed home around 7 pm.

on my way home, i received a random call from Hanyun as she wanted to borrow formal top from me.
accompanied her for dinner at the coffee shop around my house area.
Simin and Xueming text-ed and said they wanted to join too.
so we had a random gathering at my house!

Xue ming, hanyun , me, simin
PS : Hanyun look ghostly here =X

Four of us !

Xue ming and me.

Enjoyed my chit- chatting session with them! 

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